Stellantis Announces $3.6 Billion CAD Investment for Its Canadian Operations to Accelerate Electrification Plans, Secures Future of Windsor and Brampton Plants

Stellantis Canada

Stellantis today announced plans to invest $3.6 billion CAD ($2.8 billion USD) to secure the future of its Windsor and Brampton (Ontario) Assembly Plants and to expand its Automotive Research and Development Centre (ARDC) to accelerate the company’s move to a sustainable future. This announcement also supports the company’s Dare Forward 2030 strategic plan and its long-term electrification strategy to invest $45 billion CAD ($35 billion USD) through 2025 in electrification and software globally.

Stellantis North America Chief Operating Officer Mark Stewart, alongside Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, made the announcement during an event at the ARDC, which was also attended by Ontario Premier Doug Ford; Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry François-Philippe Champagne; Ontario Minister of Economic Development Vic Fedeli; and Unifor Assistant to the National President Shane Wark, as well as other elected officials and community leaders.

“These investments reaffirm our long-term commitment to Canada and represent an important step as we move toward zero-emission vehicles that deliver on our customers’ desire for innovative, clean, safe and affordable mobility,” said Stewart. “We’re grateful to both the federal and provincial governments for their shared vision to create a sustainable future. And, to Unifor and our workforce for their support in helping ensure the viability of our Canadian operations for the long-term.”

Today’s announcement increases the company’s overall investment in Ontario to $8.6 billion CAD when combined with the Stellantis-LG Energy Solution joint venture battery plant, which will create 2,500 new jobs in the province. It also doubles the investment commitment of $1.5 billion CAD made during the 2020 contract talks. 

“Today’s deal on made-in-Canada electric vehicles is yet another investment in our workers and in our future,” said Prime Minister Trudeau. “We’re building a world-class Canadian auto industry, an innovative economy and a clean, strong future for everyone. This is what a healthy environment and a healthy economy looks like.” 

“Today is yet another example that our plan to build Ontario is delivering huge wins for workers and communities all over this province,” said Ontario Premier Doug Ford. “Ontario has everything it needs to be North America’s auto manufacturing powerhouse once again. Where other governments stood by and watched jobs flee this province, we are getting it done and ensuring that cars of the future are made in Ontario by Ontario workers.”

Facility Investments
The Windsor Assembly Plant will be transformed to support production of a new multi-energy vehicle (MEV) architecture that will provide battery-electric (BEV) capability for multiple models. The plant will have maximum flexibility to adjust production volumes as needed to meet changing market demand over the next decade. Retooling is expected to begin in 2023.

The Brampton Assembly Plant will be retooled and fully modernized, beginning in 2024. When production resumes in 2025, the plant will introduce an all-new, flexible architecture to support the company’s electrification plans. 

With this announcement, both Ontario assembly plants are expected to return to three shift operations in order to support the demand for these new products. The company will announce product allocation at a later date.

The Windsor-based ARDC will expand its talent pool by adding more than 650 highly skilled engineering jobs in various areas to support Stellantis’ growth in electrification. It will expand North American capability related to the transition to EV with a focus on core technology areas: electrified propulsion systems, including batteries, power electronics, electric machines, motor controls, energy management and embedded software. 

The ARDC also will become the first battery lab in North America, following the company’s announcement to establish a similar centre in Turin, Italy. The Battery Lab will be a state-of-the-art technology centre for the development and validation of advanced BEV, PHEV and HEV cells, modules and battery packs. This in-house capability will rapidly accelerate Stellantis’ EV best-in-class performance. The new 100,000-square-foot facility will be added to the existing building with completion expected by the end of 2023.

In March, Stellantis and LG Energy Solution announced the formation of a joint venture company to establish the first large-scale, domestic, electric-vehicle battery manufacturing facility in Windsor to support the company’s electric battery development. With an investment of $5 billion CAD ($4.1 billion USD) and the creation of an estimated 2,500 new jobs, the joint venture company will produce leading edge lithium-ion battery cells and modules to meet a significant portion of Stellantis’ vehicle production requirements in North America. 



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Camp Jeep® Returns to the 2022 New York International Auto Show With New 28-foot Mountain

Camp Jeep® offers more thrills with a bigger, 10-foot steeper Jeep Mountain20,000-square-foot exhibit chocked full of extreme obstaclesUnique interactive off-road experience free to all show attendees

April 14, 2022 , New York – Camp Jeep® returns to New York, making its 16th appearance at the New York International Auto Show at the Jacob Javits Center in Manhattan. Since 2004, more than 425,000 New York auto show attendees have experienced this ultimate off-road driving course.

Camp Jeep gives show-goers a chance to experience some of the extreme off-road capabilities of Jeep vehicles. The obstacles are designed to demonstrate some of the rigorous testing that Jeep vehicles endure before they ever reach consumers. Camp Jeep attendees will see firsthand the Jeep capability standards for ground clearance, traction, stability, articulation, breakover, off-camber and suspension.

Product specialists will drive attendees over the Camp Jeep course in a Wrangler Rubicon 4xe and Rubicon 392, all-new Grand Cherokee 4xe, Jeep Gladiator Mojave and Rubicon, and Grand Cherokee L.

“New York is the biggest SUV market in the world, as well as the Jeep brand’s biggest market, so the New York International Auto Show is the perfect place to go even bigger with Camp Jeep. The mountain is 10 feet higher this year,” said Jim Morrison, senior vice president and head of Jeep brand North America. “This year, our Jeep customers can see what it’s like to travel 28 feet up a mountain, at 45 degrees, in complete silence, thanks to our new Wrangler 4xe and Grand Cherokee 4xe electrified Jeep SUVs.”

In addition to Jeep Mountain, attendees will enjoy a ground clearance stair climb, demonstrating a Jeep vehicles’ ground clearance and traction ability as they climb over a 5-foot staircase. The Trail Rated Pass is all about extreme three-wheeling as Jeep vehicles navigate over a 50-foot long, 8-foot tall obstacle as the vehicle articulates side to side. The Extreme Breakover obstacle will have attendees on the edge of their seats as Jeep vehicles navigate a 25-degree uneven plane until one wheel loses contact with the surface. The vehicle continues to climb until it hits the apex, leaving occupants with quite a thrill ride. Other obstacles include a 30-degree articulation wedge that is guaranteed to raise the excitement factor along with Maneuverability Moguls that test a Jeep vehicle’s low crawl and suspension capabilities.


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How To Get The Best Deal When Buying A Car!

How To Get The Best Deal When Buying A Car!

“So, you find yourself looking for a car…Not your typical Friday night, the vehicle broke down, the wife told you she is pregnant again, or you just got a raise and nothing looks better than a new truck! Unfortunately, in order to solve this enigma, a visit to the scary, unknown dealership must happen.”

Let’s start with the ‘not-so-obvious’, obvious fact that the dealership you are going to, WANTS to sell you a car. They WANT you to go home happy. Why? Because we all know that you can simply go somewhere else. So, trust me when I say, no dealership wants to let you (a potential customer) leave unhappy/unsatisfied.

Now, onto the main subject and the reason you’re reading this. The following are the 3 steps to make sure you get the best deal possible: –

  1. Do Your Research:
    First and foremost, figure out what you are looking for. What are your exact wants and needs? What are your must-haves? (a sunroof, Bluetooth etc.). There is a plethora of information online to help consumers these days. Information on new vehicles, appraisals for your trade, even at home onsite test drives. Your next vehicle can literally be purchased from the comfort of your own home.
  2. Don’t Withhold Information:
    Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we all got to say what we were thinking!
    Often, many consumers try to use tricks to getting the best deal from the sales person. For example, letting them know they are NOT interested in buying a vehicle, they are JUST looking, they are NOT buying today, or they have done NO research and are just starting. Now although a lot of people may think this makes the sales person try harder for the sale in the end it usually has the opposite effect. Sales people are trained to try and help the customer and not pressure them. And let’s face it… they are all human. Being rejected is not exactly motivating.
    The sales person would move MOUNTAINS to give you the best if they know you’re looking to buy because they ALSO know you can very easily go to another dealership.
  3. Tell ‘Em Your Expectations:
    Tell the sales person what you need for your trade, the new vehicle and why. The research you have done and what’s important for you. A good sales person will work with you and be willing to help you with all the needs and wants you will have in your next vehicle.

In this industry there are a lot of amazing sales people I have had the pleasure to work with over the years, we all love seeing our customers driving the car we sold them at the grocery store, in the movie or just driving down the street. We never forget a sale; each one is unique and special; with these easy steps I am sure you can make your next car buying experience easy as well as ensuring you got the “best deal”

By Jerome Rodriguez
(GM, Pioneer Chrysler Jeep)

5 Reasons You Should Sell Your Car Before 2022 Begins

5 Reasons You Should Sell Your Car Before 2022 Begins

5 Simple Reasons to Sell Your Car TODAY!

  1. Your Vehicle Is Worth 37% More At Minimum!
    Based off of market conditions your vehicle is worth 37% more at minimum! And we are your family dealership waiting to buy it from you for top $$$. We are cheque writers and we’d rather by vehicles locally from YOU than auctions.

  2. Microchip That Pays YOU
    By now you’ve obviously heard about the microchip shortage in the car industry. If not, here’s a refresher; Most car manufactures today use the Epyc Gen 2 designed by AMD to manage their driver assistant systems all the way to the engines in the car. Without these chips, no new car drives off the lot which means no cars hit the dealerships and that means, empty lots. To avoid this, every dealership (Including PIONEER) is ready to pay INSANE amounts of money to people who are looking to just unload a vehicle or trying to trade it in.

  3. No Need to Trade-In
    Usually, selling a vehicle is contingent on you getting a newer vehicle in its place. However, right now, you could walk into our lot and walk away with your bag of cash, no questions asked. (Ok, some questions asked).

  4. Let’s say you do decide to trade-in your old one. For example, your old car can sell for $10,000.

    Selling It Privately: Sure you get the $10,000 from selling it privately. But when you come to a dealership and buy for example a $40,000 vehicle. You pay taxes on that full amount.

    Selling it to a Dealership: We take the value of your old vehicle ($10,000) off your new ($40,000). So now, you actually pay tax on the difference which is $30,000.

    We say why not get some tax relation right? The big guys take enough as is.

Honestly? This is the first time in the car industry that we have found ourselves in a situation where people have walked off our lots with $70,000+ for a vehicle that wouldn’t get them more than $58,000 in the normal market. But we can see the market stabilizing soon. Which means if you are thinking to sell your car or trading it in, you gotta do it TODAY!