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7 Reasons Why BC is Awesome

7 Reasons Why BC is Awesome

Other than the fact that BC is home to Ryan Reynolds, Pamela Anderson or Guiness World Record holder for the longest beard, Sarwan Singh (2.495 meters, just in case you were wondering), BC still has many reasons to earn the title for an "Awesome Place to Live".

Here are our 7 picks:

  1. Size Matters (Right?)
    Because British Columbia is 4 times the size of Great Britan. Its coastline spans over 27,000 kms making it the third largest province in Canada. Not only that, 2/3rds of BC are forest land (just for perspective sakes, is a larger area than all of France) and half of that hasn't even been touched by humans.

  2. Very Many Berries
    BC is in the top 3 regions of cranberry & blueberry producers in the world!

  3. Bathtub Races
    We don't know about living life much. But you've gotta be kidding yourself if you think an annual Bathtub Race is not the most absurdly awesome thing you've ever heard! Nanaimo, BC hosts an annual motorised bathtub race open to anyone who is daring enough to participate. The rules are simple; your boat must be a bathtub.

  4. Are You Wet Enough?
    Prince Rupert on the west coast is dubbed the "wettest city of Canada" by The Weather Network, with an average of 239.7 rain days in a year and a total amount of 2593.6mm of rain per annum.

  5. Bigfoot & Ogopogo!!!
    BC holds the record for the largest amount of Sasquatch sightings dating over 200 years. If that wasn't enough, BC is also home to the Ogopogo; a lake monster that the Secwepemc and Syilx natives called the Naitaka, as "an evil supernatural entity with great power and ill intent".

  6. A Tree as Old as Jesus
    In Tofino, BC, we have the Hanging Garden Tree which is known as one of the oldest standing Western Red Cedar Trees. Dated to be 1500-2000 years old.

  7. A Wildlife Safe Haven
    British Columbia has 6 National parks and over 400 provincial parks, recreation and conservation areas to its name. Also, it has Three UNESCO World Heritage Sites; (i)Gwaii Haanas, (ii) Hecate Strait and Queen Charlotte Bay , (iii) Stan Valley.

  8. Shameless Plug
    BC is also home to the Pioneer Auto Group with over 18 dealerships. You can find your next vehicle with us and rest knowing that you're in the best hands because we ain't got customers, we've got family.

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